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Us Medina Hoteles

At Medina Hotels we believe in teamwork and in personalised customer service. All the members of this hotel chain —founded in 1969— aim at basing our work and tasks on a philosophy of excellence.
Our main goal is that your days with us are perfect and that you live a unique and incomparable experience full of surprises. We want to thank you for your trust and for sharing your best days of the year with us. See you soon!

Us Medina Hoteles

Our mission

In Medina Hotels our first and main purpose is to make our clients feel unique through a close and familiar treatment, taking care of the little details. We want each and every one of them to live with us sensations that they want to remember, tell and repeat.

We also care about the people in our team: we want them to feel they belong to the company, developing them until they become an example of professionalism for future incorporations. Nor do we forget our surroundings, that is why we are proud to participate in humanitarian, sports and cultural projects of our community, initiatives that reflect our identity and personality.

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